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Leather Cleaners Horsham

Leather Cleaners Horsham

Leather Care and Cleaning
Regular cleaning of leather using non-leather products can be detrimental to the finish of your leather. Baby wipes, washing up liquid, saddle soap and other nonleather products build up and collect dirt which intern, starts to destroy the finish of the leather.

This exposes the raw leather which starts to crack, this can go unnoticed for many years, however the damage has already been done and in some cases professional cleaning may not be possible.

Not only can we clean your leather, but we can also protect it, nourish or “re-hydrate” the leather, make it feel supple and soft once again. We can also provide you with a very cost effective maintenance cleaning solution to give your leather years and years of use while making it easier for you to maintain, all again.

With our expert help we can get your leather back on track and help you to keep it that way, saving you time and money.

The leather cleaning process
We only use some of the industries finest and most effective products care of award winners, LTT Leather Care. We use ‘lifting foams' to lift out dried-in soil, then use an advanced leather protector to keep soils out, and keep it hydrated.. Then we'll show you how easy leather upholstery is to maintain with “Lazy Leather clean and protect”.

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Leather Cleaners Horsham

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