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Carpet Cleaners Horsham

Carpet Cleaners Horsham

Our eco friendly, natural carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning solutions and exhaustive processes have been developed to produce fast drying, safe, fresh, fluffy and beautifully cleaned carpets at an affordable price.

We guarantee that your carpets WILL stay cleaner for so much longer and with no sticky re-soiling residues they will be easier for you to look after for many, many years to come!

As there are many different types of carpet, we select the most appropriate cleaning system(s) as required. This will typically be a technical decision based upon the results of our free “in-home” survey to ascertain the most appropriate method or combined methods for YOUR carpets.

What every carpet cleaner “should” be doing

  • For us this is standard process and not exhaustive:
  • Thorough dry soil extraction with a high powered upright twin motored vacuum cleaner
  • Pre-spray the area with the appropriate cleaning solution
  • Mechanically agitate the carpet & pre-spray so that we can prepare the carpet for a deep down clean
  • Using the industry’s most powerful extraction machine (which always remains outside) we rinse away the soils, other carpet residues & stains.
  • Treat any stubborn spots
  • “Rapid dry” system to speed up the drying process (typically 1-4 hours).
  • Groom the carpet area
  • Only now will we ask you to inspect our work to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

The Advanced “Stay Clean” System.

The Advanced “Stay Clean” System is the result of many years developing and honing a selection of natural carpet cleaning solutions and procedures which produce the highest quality cleaning results in the most environmentally considerate way possible.

The Advanced “Stay Clean” System is based on the traditional rinse/extraction method of carpet cleaning. . In the development of the Advanced “Stay Clean” System, by increasing the amount of preparation to remove dry soiling and softening and loosening of soluble soils, we have been able to reduce drying times to just a few short hours. It isn’t uncommon for carpets to be dry to the touch in less than one hour, Winter or Summer. Fresh water rinse/extraction cleaning is the most effective way for removing soil from the carpets in your home. The Advanced “Stay Clean” System takes this to a whole new level.

Steve and Hilary offer two different cleaning methods for Low moisture carpet cleaning. Both systems utilise specially designed rotary bonnet pad machines. We use a totally eco friendly biodegradable cleaning solution which breaks down the soil, bacteria, pollen, pollutants to make for easy removal. Our heated rotary system works in a similar way, but the cleaning solution also includes a built in stain blocker and deodouriser and an absorbent pad which is heated by the machine.

The above are our primary eco friendly carpet cleaning systems. They can be used on their own or combined with our extensive and exhaustive “Stay Clean” method, to produce the cleanest, safest, eco-friendly carpet clean possible.

Carpet Cleaners Horsham

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5 Windsor Close,
Southwater, Horsham,
West Sussex, RH13 9XH.


 01403 732634

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